Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oreo Librarian in Info Literacy course

I am in the middle of pointing out librarian-stamped new technologies and library-traditional methods of research. I am in the middle of dictation and lectures from talking to students face-to-face, to emailing them electronically, to emailing corrected papers, and finally to blogs of examples and saved blogged articles to the campus hard drive, while praying for those prized handouts.

If only there were a red carpet lining up to the assignments and tests to take without any question of due date, how to open handouts and where do I hand this in?

I can't imagine a course like this one using virtual environments to conduct quizes, homework assignments and final paper and exams. There has to be a consensus among all educators that information literacy ideally is taught to a small class of students who are mandated to meet one-on-one with instructor for mastery of writing, testing and general behavioral standards in the information literacy curriculum.