Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dreaming about our food

I spent this morning trying to get my head around the real vs. fudge factors in our economy. This morning's news includeed snipits of last night's answers by running candidates about the current economic conditions. Thompson came up with a few studders and Mitt Romney had nothing but encouraging words as well as denying he ever tipped tax raising.
Back to my dream... I had to think of why I found myself held up at the cash register in the middle of an italian pizzeria with only half of my lunch order. The clerk was trying to figure out how much she should charge for a slice of pizza and a coke. She couldn't total the figures for me since she weighed all of the real dollar on our actual economic spending, unemployment and gouging of natural resources so I had to wait awhile. Her total for my pizza and coke would have been a dollar, but since it took a while to add uup the total, the price actually went down and she added a free sausage sub to the order. I walked away happy in the dream, but I am frightened by the reality of the fudge factor. We don't know the value of anything less than a dollar, so we add to it public debt in the end and charge a dollar because it's worth it.
I am prompted by radio, television and reading about our economy and it explains how we our our understanding facts becomes twisted.
How funny I just had a British comedy question about the department store, Grace Brothers on the Show "Are You Being Served?" Take a look at that show or "Squirrels", about an International Rental shop. It's hilarious! on the show Squirrels, or even the show The Rag Trade, all poke fun at the consumer coming to bid with the store clerks. I always think of my great aunt Me Me, she never wanted to pay for something that she had no need for anyway.