Thursday, May 22, 2008

Orphan Works latest news...
There is vast oppostion to newer legislation on saving orphan works. See the link above for current news from ALA.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Anna dreaming

Sign language lingo

Our library staff will be taking on the deaf culture as we are signing for the first time and learning alternative ways to reach our deaf patrons. We are accessible to the Blind and Visually impaired and the Sheltered Workshops for the disabled, they are located across the street from our library. The only thing we don't have are interpreters, slowing down the communication process with our neighbors. The answers to signing are never the same. We have tried to sign on our own, using the Gallaudet University website and we find we are sometimes misunderstood. The tried and true skills of signing are to practice in the deaf community and to expect a range of communication modes. The best practice is to use gestures and to keep direct eye contact when communicating with the deaf. It's always helpful to use visuals such as signs, note paper or visual cues.
The website has more information.