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You will find this link offers the latest facts on MySpace services on the web. The fastest growing email and blog host is now under scrutiny by the federal government for it's lenient open access, hence individual vulnerability to sexual predators and identity crimes. There are articles on the threat to children and especially teens, how the laws protect children, and how more changes in the Child Online Protection Act will likely evolve. If legislative changes claiming to protect children from the exploits of the world wide web proceed, a host of blogging and email services will be denied in most public libraries and internet service providers.In addition to the COPA and DOPA legislation, federal grants to schools and libraries may require more from libraries who filter the web, so please read.

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Susan Straub created the Read To Me Program in New York. Her focus is using wordless books to encourage low literacy (or ELL) parents to tell their children stories. Her website is; the site is full of great resources. She also just wrote a book called Reading With Babies, Toddlers and Twos. The website is a good place to look for materials recommended for low-literacy parents as reading partners. It contains links via Verizon's hosted early childhood literacy. An especially good link is "Read Between the Lions" for shareastory programs -- go to are other book a day programs

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This article appealed to me as I sought refuge from juggling roles of resident internet tech person and humble public service desk librarian. What are we to do if we refuse to work with others? Do we put our heads in the sand? How about taking the risk of losing face or even a job when showing off those brave technical skills?Please comment on this view by the one who hopes to work inside of an ivory tower. Please read on.

And now for something entirely different!
I am humbled by the answers to 21 question
game on this library blog:

If your head is in the sand...For latest comments on viewing pornography in libraries and the filters that may deny us the right to not view pornography in libraries, read Karen Schneider's comments on

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