Monday, January 11, 2010

Take it slow.

I recently lost my uncle to illness and found the relationship was a closer match with my life sitution when he died. This is a funny way to find out how close relatives are so vital to long-term relationships especially when the short-term seem to go relatively well. eeWhen my husband of almost 15 years said he wanted a change, we made it so with housing, my changes and personal adjustments too. My family said this was a wonderful move in the end, but it was my uncle who said make it so all along. He advocated change from the beginning. He said that the best time he ever had was having fun and so should we. So we moved. Making a change for the better, we sold our home and rented, then bought another home. We are finally home! The fireplace and others need help with caulking, but all in all we are home and comfy. How was this a closer match when at the end of the move and all of the sudden his life, there are more changes to deal with at once?? I did not know where to turn to but to the holiest of house gods and that was God. How do you deal with so many changes> ???? and the answer came, one at a time!
The tree went on for Christmas and then the ornaments went on the tree, then the dinner and elaborate desserts followed by the cards and distant cousins, calling and so many calls, followed by the cards and songs, readings and jokes, then the "thank you cards" and "happy new year cards" and celebrations.

I am watching the year on a d v d It simply is the best of all times and worst of times, it as is the end of my uncle
and I willl miss him always.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Top Choices from Search Engine Showdown
The search engines below are all excellent choices to start with when searching for information.



Ask Jeeves initially gained fame in 1998 and 1999 as being the "natural language" search engine that let you search by asking questions and responded with what seemed to be the right answer to everything.
Powered by Yahoo, you may find AllTheWeb a lighter, more customizable and pleasant "pure search" experience than you get at Yahoo itself. The focus is on web search, but news, picture, video, MP3 and FTP search are also offered.

AOL Search (internal)

Results come from Yahoo, and tabs above the search box let you go beyond web search to find images, MP3/Audio, Video, human category listings and news results. If you want a lighter-feel than Yahoo but to still have Yahoo's results, AltaVista is worth considering.

Live Search
Live Search (formerly Windows Live Search) is the name of Microsoft's web search engine, successor to MSN Search, designed to compete with the industry leaders Google and Yahoo. The search engine offers some innovative features, such as the ability to view additional search results on the same web page (instead of needing to click through to subsequent search result pages) and the ability to adjust the amount of information displayed for each search-result (i.e. just the title, a short summary, or a longer summary). It also allows the user to save searches and see them updated automatically on

LookSmart is primarily a human-compiled directory of web sites. It gathers its listings in two ways. Commercial sites pay to be listed in its commercial categories, making the service very much like an electronic "Yellow Pages." However, volunteer editors at the LookSmart-owned Zeal directory also catalog sites into non-commercial categories for free and its listings are integrated into LookSmart's results.

Another commercial site makes paid for advertised services freely available to searchers.

Lycos is one of the oldest search engines on the web, launched in 1994. w/ access to human-powered results from LookSmart for popular queries and crawler-based results from Yahoo for others.
This is another yellow and white pages on the web w/ video/image search capability alike Google.

Netscape Search
The main difference between Netscape Search and Google is that Netscape Search will list some of Netscape's own content at the top of its results. Netscape also has a completely different look and feel than Google.

Open Directory
Try Winging your search results!
The Open Directory uses volunteer editors to catalog the web.
A webring in general is a collection of websites from around the Internet and joined categorically.

Other Global Search Engines
Other services cover the world but end up with any kind of result list. They may not be as popular or well-known as the services above, but they may still be helpful.

Community-Based Search Engines
Places where volunteers are involved in the listing process such as on
Usual lists are of Schools, Businesses and News.

Directional Guides to Multiple Search Engines:

Search engine reviews, tutorials and a directory of specialty search engines here.

Skworm A nice guide to search engines has the ability to query from the same page.

CUI W3 Search Engines
One of the oldest all-in-one guides to major services and specialty services, with the ability to query directly from the page.
The name says it all -- links to all search engines, or at least a whole lot! Browse categories to find search engines, don't search. Searching simply brings back general results from a paid listings search engine.

Big Search Engine Index Hundreds of search engines organized into categories.

Hundreds of search engines and directories, organized into categories. Use the guide to find a likely service for your search, or follow links to post information about your web site.

Directory of search engines is written in French.
Collection of search and reference sites, ranging from reverse phone number searches to package tracking, as well as covering the major search engines.

Search Engine Colossus
International directory of search engines covers up to 351 countries in many languages.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Scanning Made Real and Simple

Two classes
Scanning Made Real
Scanning Made Simple are taught by Danielle Mericle, of Cornell University
She gave links to several helpful websites at and
for planning, budgeting and scanning techniques for specific cases and facilities.
More about the websites is forthcoming on the South Central Research Library Council website

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ground level research

Ground-level research

I have to applaud Thomas Mann's "Research at Risk" (LJ 7/05, p. 38–40) and encourage everyone to give copies of it to ground-level librarians. Less is more, not better, in the case of online topic research. Yes, more comprehensive subject indexes are what all researchers need. But, instead of using the high-speed and at times sophisticated search engine Google, ground-level librarians are required to give credence to the rich meaning of subject headings. Less is most definitely more! Good instances of this are where you find a book by notes or citations in the MARC record. Keyword searches in Google can't do this. Friendly search engines and powerful aggregators return mined information but fail to provide inside knowledge from the catalogers and bibliographers who built the "collection." Balancing web, print, and online subject databases delivers results to collaborative research and productive indexing as long as we use our minds in the process.
—Susan Hansen, Libn., Broome Cty. P.L., Binghamton, NY