Saturday, June 2, 2007

You Need a Control Freak

Arghhhh! Chew on this hothouse tomato and tell me what you taste. The true summer weather weekend is upon us and most people want to be outside, enjoying the beauty of color. Color and expectation, that is. I have the distinction of using Digg to bookmark the wonderful colors captured on camera but I have no green thumb! I used to go out and try a few tomato plants but now I have absolutely no control over their fate. I have to rely on the local farmer's markets or grocers to provide the best and brightest tomatoes. Even my nephew has the green thumb, thanks to his dad, and faithfully puts beer out to keep away slugs. I have the hot pepper spray to keep away deer and rabbits, but they keep coming back. Just to report, I am not a control freak, but wish I had been. Although some garderners have all the luck and just keep living a low carb low b.p. summer. I need the greens to keep cool, and will embark on container gardening this summer. Alas, there is hope for the lucky gardener who just wants a little fiber at great taste this summer.""