Monday, June 9, 2008

Nine Emotional Lives of Cats, Jeffrey Masson Moussaieff

I like this book and so far, it rings true in every regard. I have two american short hair bengals and find that they are highly affectionate. They are our lap cats and my first lap cat experience outside of having a calico and tiger playmate as a child. Growing up never gave me the time to experience cat behavior since I was too busy to show any care.

I like what the author says about the undetected emotions in cats. We never witness the lives they have lived. Strays that show their rejection after moving many times reject a home with no forseeable reason. They fear nothing but feel a way back to loss. They may want to be alone. They may want their present companionship. There is no one answer to the question about stray's past lives. The best a home can be to a cat is predictable.

Studies are finding that having happy and healthy cats in the home truly exists. I find shorthair animals leave less residuals to my allergies. I play more inside, therefore take walks outside later at night. The end result is that I sneeze less and open up the house to a loving home. We vacuum alot, but no more than if I just trekked in some of the dust from a walk outside. We live in a rural area and there is no escape from allergens. Don't ever think the pets aren't feeling the same allergens and mites too. The one thing that pets contribute to is cleaner environment for you and your furry friends.