Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State of the Union Address

After his State of the Union Address, President Bush has called Iraqis in power irresponsible, implying doom to the country after the unclaimed mess left by the opposing party for freedom. I ask Mr. Bush if he is ordering the empowered Iraqis to govern from home or to leave their official nation? What seems responsible for Iraqi government and people now is to think about their own safety. As in a crash landing, the flight attendant asks adults to assist small children after helping themselves. I apply the same rule to struggling Iraqis. Have their basic needs of food, water and shelter been met? I answer this question, again with another question. Whenever has the Middle East seen the end of bitter struggle for these basic needs? I invite more questions to this bigger picture discussion

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Town Hall

The importance in the exchange of information can't be underestimated, especially in its importance to today's political climate. Anyone 18 years and older must participate in the very world they criticize whether it is about the drugs and crime on the streets, education and medical costs or the care of our elderly. I hope to see more radio and satellite hosted town hall participation over the next campaign. Blogs, newscasts and podcasts online or on the media are available via Voice Of America News, the BBC news, or Please vote fully read.

This paper examines the development of a right to communicate and how it can be defined and implemented. The authors contend there is a need to

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tea is too painful

Recently the weather in the Northeast has been sooo terribly dry, I have left a spot of tea by the reference desk to sip in order to talk throughout the day ironing out the answers to questions on our library users' minds. I had a complaint recently about how close the tea cup was to the reference books and incoming mail. I had to respond with a shrug. Too bad I hadn't had the great presence of mind to answer the plaintant with my very great "Employee of the Month Idea"! Have a complaint? Just turn it into flattery and you will get everywhere. You may even be nominated for the employee of the month award. This is the best way to deter departmentalism, it might even erase all of the lines of animosity. Just a suggestion, not a!@@$^%$&*^(*