Monday, January 11, 2010

Take it slow.

I recently lost my uncle to illness and found the relationship was a closer match with my life sitution when he died. This is a funny way to find out how close relatives are so vital to long-term relationships especially when the short-term seem to go relatively well. eeWhen my husband of almost 15 years said he wanted a change, we made it so with housing, my changes and personal adjustments too. My family said this was a wonderful move in the end, but it was my uncle who said make it so all along. He advocated change from the beginning. He said that the best time he ever had was having fun and so should we. So we moved. Making a change for the better, we sold our home and rented, then bought another home. We are finally home! The fireplace and others need help with caulking, but all in all we are home and comfy. How was this a closer match when at the end of the move and all of the sudden his life, there are more changes to deal with at once?? I did not know where to turn to but to the holiest of house gods and that was God. How do you deal with so many changes> ???? and the answer came, one at a time!
The tree went on for Christmas and then the ornaments went on the tree, then the dinner and elaborate desserts followed by the cards and distant cousins, calling and so many calls, followed by the cards and songs, readings and jokes, then the "thank you cards" and "happy new year cards" and celebrations.

I am watching the year on a d v d It simply is the best of all times and worst of times, it as is the end of my uncle
and I willl miss him always.